Balloon FAQ

We receive many questions about balloons, here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers:

Are the balloons ordered inflated? All our balloons arrive inflated the day of your delivery or at pick up time.

Do you sell deflated balloons? Yes, we sell un-inflated balloons directly in one of the Party Expert stores or online at

How long will my balloons float with helium? Though many factors can influence the duration time of a balloon, normally an inflated latex balloon with helium should last 18 to 24 hours. Foil helium balloon can retain for much longer, often remaining inflated for 2 to 5 days. It all depends where you place them and the room temperature they are placed in.

Helium is sensitive to temperature changes. Cold air causes the helium to shrink, which makes the balloon appear deflated, although it still floats. Heat can cause the helium to expand and the balloon to burst. Latex balloons are also sensitive to light, and balloons of any kind are weakened by dirt and dust. Therefore, the best place to store a helium balloon is a cool, dark room absent of wind and dust.

How can I make my latex balloons float longer? Latex Balloons have a short float time with helium, Hi-Float liquid gel can be added to balloons to increase the float time between 2 to 5 days. When ordering online, all arrangements with latex balloons comes with hi-float treatment.

Where are my balloon arrangements being prepared?

Store pickup: If you requested an in-store pick-up, they are being prepared at the location you selected during checkout.

Delivery: If you requested local delivery, your balloon order is currently being prepared at the Laval location. Don't worry, we will soon deliver to a broader surface area during the upcoming year.

What is Hi-Float? Hi-Float is a liquid sealant used to coat the interior surface of latex balloons and reduces the speed at which helium escapes through the latex skin. It can increase the float time by several days. Hi-Float is non-toxic and water soluble.

Does my balloon come with a weight? yes, all arrangements come with a weight included in order to make sure you don't lose them.

Can I have my balloons delivered a day before my event? Yes! If you order latex balloons they will last between 3 to 7 days when treated with Hi-Float. Foil balloons can last 3 to 7 days. Air-filled balloons generally last for a couple of weeks, but they will not float.

Can I reuse my Foil Balloons? It is possible to re-use most foil balloons but we cannot guarantee that it will work every time as they are fairly delicate but it is worth a try. Expel the air from your balloon by inserting a long straw quite a distance into the self-sealing valve, the air will then start to come out and you can flatten and fold your balloon.

What happens if my balloons arrive damaged? The advantage with our balloon delivery service is that we are fully responsible if the balloon gets damaged during delivery. We will change it on site, thanks to the superb functionality that our balloon delivery van contains. Once your balloons are delivered, we are not responsible for damages or losses.

How far in advance should I place my order? We advise placing all orders at least 5 days in advance to guarantee balloons are in stock.

Can I choose an exact delivery time for my order? Many factors can influence your delivery time (traffic, accident etc.) During the checkout process, you will be able to select the time frame available which is a one hour window for delivery. (Example your balloons will be delivered between 10h -11h.)

What are the payments method for online orders? We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal payments. We do not accept payments by cheques, money orders, or direct bank transfers.

When will I be charged? You will be charged once your order is placed.

What to bring when you pickup your order: Please bring a printed or digital copy of your order confirmation email, the credit card you used when placing your order with and a photo ID (Drivers license, Medical card, Passport (valid government-issued ID), All instructions will be sent in your email once you have placed your order.

If someone else is picking up your order, they must bring: A forwarded copy of your proof of purchase, including the full name of the designated person that matches their government-issued photo ID.